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Precautionary Measures relating to COVID-19

Precautionary Measures relating to COVID-19

Precautionary Measures

relating to Coronavirus Concerns

 To Our Yoga Family/Community,

At Bikram Hot Yoga Central Fremont, the health and safety of our students and teachers are always our priority. We understand that there are growing concerns around coronavirus and we are closely following the CDC, the California State Government and the Alameda County Department of Public Health for updates and recommendations.

We are deeply grateful for you and your efforts in advance for the benefit of yourself and our yoga family/community! We also want to share this perspective with you: Consistent Yoga Practice will be very important factor to decrease your stress and increase your immunity to fight off any disease so please stay CALM yet cautious and continue with your practice with added efforts of hygiene habits.

We plan to take precautionary measures in our studio for our yoga family/community and these measures are TEMPORARY until further notice:

*We will continue sanitizing most touched areas including door handles more frequently.

*We will continue to provide hand sanitizers (or 70% alcohol) (depending on market availability of these supplies) on front desk for you to use before signing in and entering the classroom. If there is a line at the front desk for signing in, kindly wash your hands with soap in our restrooms or changing rooms first before you enter the classroom. We are asking that all teachers and students wash their hands with soap both before and after class. We have purchased sufficient supply of hand soaps for our members and staff.

*We will discontinue using Yoga Tiles for now and start to use Disposable Wrist Bands for signing-in purpose.

*We will discontinue rental of mats and towels. Please bring your own mat and towel.

*We will start to allow up to 20 students into each class. We have the biggest yoga room (2,000 square feet) in the East Bay and during this special period of time, we are acting proactively to ensure that everyone can practice without worry and comfortably in our yoga room. Teacher in charge of the class will adjust the students’ spaces (4 rows and each row has 5 students; each student will have 100 square feet of space to practice and not in each one’s arm length). We will continue to offer our 35 classes per week schedule so that you don’t have to worry about any crowded classes. All you need to do is try to pre-register 1 day before the class and we will guarantee your spot until 15 minute before the class starts. We will open the spots to members who did not pre-register and new students.

Online Pre-registration spots will be limited to 20 and wait-lists will be limited to 5. Each person can only pre-register one class per day. If you can’t enter this class, please try to join another class during the same day.

*We will continue reducing physical assists/corrections.

*We (Teacher in charge of the class) will make a gentle announcement (before class begins) that we will need to request the student who shows persistent coughing/sneezing (more than once) to not participate this class and rest in the lounge.

Based on The CDC travel related announcements, if you or your family members have symptoms (fever/cough/trouble breathing) or recently visited China or other countries where the coronavirus disease outbreak is serious, kindly consider taking a short break from classes for your wellbeing and that of your fellow students and teachers.  We will be happy to extend your memberships for 2 weeks to 1 month based on your email request to

These actions are taken to support and strengthen our yoga family/community in this special period of time.


Bikram Hot Yoga Central Fremont Management Team